Asia Expat has a rich and varied reader demographic. Our I.P. logs show our visitors come from all over the World, from Buenos Aires to Beijing. As the name would suggest, our core membership and visitor count is largely based in Asia, or has a vested interest in the region and wishes to keep abreast of regional issues, or simply keep in touch with friends.


Our database is rapidly becoming a large repository of information and advice for expatriates and visitors to the region with a searchable archive that is regularly indexed by search engines. Website visitors are using and reading this resource regularly to make their lives easier and much more informed than they would be otherwise.


Our website is hosted on the most modern equipment available and located in a modern data centre with 18,000 Mbit connectivity to the outside World and has a near perfect uptime record.


There are many advertising opportunities throughout the website and we can accommodate a range of formats, from site wide banners that appear on every page to individual forum sponsorship


Note that in order to maintain the marketing value of our advertising space and to give your advertising campaign the best chance of success, we only accept advertising that is in some way relevant to our website and is likely to be useful to our visitors.


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